Cyber Bullying Project

This week, we are going to shift from our discussion on physical bullying to Cyber Bullying. First, I would like you and your table to brainstorm a KWL chart about cyber bullying. As you watch the video feel free to add to your chart.

    Project scenario:

  • Your parents are unaware of how severe Cyber Bullying actually is within outr school. Your job is to create an informational flyer or presentation to inform your parents of the damage cyber bullying can cause. You can use smore, glogster, microsoft publisher, iMovie or another multimedia format as long as it approved by me.  Be prepared to present you work to our classmates.

The flyer/presentation must include:

  • What is Cyber Bullying?
  • Who does Cyber Bullying affect?
  • Why has cyber bullying become such a big issue in today‚Äôs society?
  • What can be done to prevent Cyber Bulllying?

Be sure to add images and videos to your presentation

You projects will be due April 30th!!!

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