Raisin in the sun

1. She want to go buy a new house for her family cause where they live wasn't the best place and want to make a better life for her family. Also want to make Walter and Beneatha dreams come true.

2. When Mama give the envoelope to Walter. She trusting in him to do what she want him to do.

3. Mrs. Johnson pause before saying brave. Because she thinking how they're so brave moving into where all the white folk live and how so many things happen to black people not wanting in a white town.

4. Doing the best for the one you love because Walter thought about his son Travis when Linder came in and talked with him, but with his son being there he change his mind about not selling the house to Linder, and how they should move in and make Travis life live in a better place.

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2 years ago

Scene 8: she is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it. Scene 11:
Walter expresses his family pride. (Last question)