The Battles on the Eastern Front

Alex Kochankovski  Period 5  5/22/2o14

First Battle of the Masurian Lakes

  •   Also known as the Winter Battle of the Masurian Lakes
  • Was between Russia and Germany
  • Russia lost 125,000 and Germany lost 40,000
  • Germany’s Eight Army launched a surprise attack on Russia’s Tenth army
  • While attempting to fall back Russia was attacked by Germany’s Tenth army
  • The aim of this attack was to force Russia’s defeat and end the wars on the Eastern Front
  • Siever’s XX Corps helped end Germany’s advancement and they surrendered on February 21
  • Russia’s Tenth Army had a disorderly retreat on February 14

The Battle of Lake Naroch

  •   Had 1.5 million Russians against one million Austro-Hungarians and Germans
  • Russia started the attack which ended up being a failure
  • Germany lost 20,000 men and Russia lost 70,000 men
  • Germany had a counter attack which allowed them to take back whatever land Russia managed to steal
  • The attack had not caused Germany to divert any resources, which in that aspect alone it was a notable failure
  • Russia responded to this failure with the Brusilov Offensive

Battle of Lutsk

  •   Romania joined the allies
  • The Fourth and Seventh Austria-Hungary armies were the ones at Lutsk and were attacked by the Russians
  • Russia defeated Austria-Hungary with 150,000 men facing 200,000 men
  • Was the start of the Brusilov Offensive
  • Austria-Hungary lost 1.5 million men
  • Almost knocked Austria-Hungary out of the war
  • Josef Ferdinand was the general of The Fourth Army and this loss made him lose his already fragile reputation, so after the battle Germany required his dismissal