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Engage, Explore, and Empower with Multimedia

Our students today have been surrounded by multimedia their entire lives, and live in a fast paced world that is on 24/7. Shouldn't we use the strength of video's ability to convey information quickly and efficiently in our classrooms? Should students be creators of content rather than simple consumers? Consider the following and we would love to hear your comments. Thanks.

One Minute, One Take video - condense your topics key points into a one minute video, don't think it can happen, view the video linked here:


Too much work? How about a paper slide or variation video? I call it "Just Having Fun." If the teachers can do it, what do you think the students could do?



How about a mash up of many videos into one? Different parts of a story, causes of various historical events, steps in a process, etc. Each group takes a small piece and the pieces come together as a whole.


One more. Compare/contrast, debate, interview the options are endless, but how creative are you?


Lets hear what you think.

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3 years ago

That was fun.