The North Star

October 6th, 2014

There will have an adventure.  They may swim in the water.  He is going to look at the stars.  He wants to go some place.  He will find some things.  He is going to look for some things.  He will find lots of stuff on the beach.  He might go North.  He might go to a city.  He might go to Canada.

First he was a  baby, then he got bigger, after that he went on an easy path and a hard bridge.  He got scared and finally he sat down and looked at a leaf.

How does he get food?  Why is the boy sad?

I would look for something to eat, I would look for cottage or a house,  I would look for my mom and dad, I would walk to the park.

What is one of the problems the character faces?
How was he going to save the rabbit,  he was lost.

I would put a car in it, instead of saying the beginning I would be "the end", a super hero would help the boy

Mrs. Gauck's Classroom- K-3 Grand Rapids, MI

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Harrison School (grade 2 class 1) thinks the boy might find stuff in a new place he had never been. Maybe if he follows the star he will find the new journey he will begin. Maybe he will grow up on his journey. I think he will go to an amusement park. He might make new friends on his journey. He might find a mom and a dad on his journey or a pet a dog to protect him. Maybe he'll find someone on the same journey and they will go on it together.

3 years ago

Harrison School (grade 2 class 2) think there might be a fishing pole on the boat and he will go fishing and get food. Maybe he will build something on his boat. Maybe he will find a cruise ship and they will give him a lift. Maybe he'll find an island and build a home and find pets and friends. Maybe he'll read some books. He might go swimming. Maybe he will make the boat his home. He might find a cool rock. Maybe he will make fake people like a robot. The boy was looking for an adventure. He might find his family.