Colin Van Heukelom

the governing body of a nation, state, or community

Does our Government have too much power over the people?

I don't think our government does not have enough power over the people. For the reason being if the government had the right to go in and see what people are looking up on the internet, For example if someone is looking up on how to make bombs I want that person to be arrested and investigated to see if they are a terrorist or not.

I think our government need to use more torture methods to get the terrorist that look like they are planning on attacking us again. So, we wont get bomb again.

One thing that I want to pin point that there is conspiracy's on 9/11 people saying that the government was behind it all, Well I don't think the government was behind it in fact I think could of been prevented it happening. I don't think the government would of said "Hey lets gets some people from Iraq and have them bomb our twin towers" No impossible,  Why would they do that?

Our security was very weak before 9/11 but its a lot better after 9/11 but in my opinion why would we have better security after a big terrorist attack and all of sudden oh lets make our security lot better. Our security is still weak for example the Boston Marathon could of been stopped in its tracks. I think after 9/11 we would have the security in the world but no.

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