Human Impact:

Ocean's Pollution

There is trash that pollutes our ocean, and there are patches where most where the of  the garbage builds up. One patch is as big as the size of the state Texas.

Very Harmful for Marine life
Great Garbage patch
Turtle shell grows around plastic

Humans have made a big impact on the world and one of the worst is the pollution we have caused in our great oceans. Most of the pollution is from land based sources that are dumped in the ocean or runoff trash. The pollution is fatal and harmful to marine life like that over one million sea birds are killed every year by the ocean's pollution or that three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year from oceans pollution. This also affects us by contaminating our seafood that can cause serious health problems for our immune system. We relay on the ocean for many things like food, tourism ,and etcWe need to prevent more pollution from happening so that we have a safe ocean for our future instead of a watery dump .

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