Martin Luther King Jr. A Hero

How 1 man can change the world

"Do you want to know more about Martin Luther King Jr?" In this essay I'll show you three qualites MLKJr expressed courage,thoughtfulness, and great leadership. I personally think he was a great man for what he did.

In his first speech, on December 5th king announced the non-violent rules that were going to guide the C.R.M from then on. In 1958 king had his very first assassination attempt. Even though his house was bombed in the boycot, it was during the Stride Tword Freedom that Izola Ware Curry stabbed him him with a letter opener. After that MLK said "God strengted me and I continued on." I think he was a very couaragous man for continuing after that happened.

The reason MLKJr died in Memphis, Tennessee is because he went there to talk to garbage men because he knew that every black person mattered no matter how famous (or not) they were he knew that every person mattered in his fight. "Ben make sure you play. "Take my hand precious lord." In this meeting tonight. Play it real pretty. These are the last words of one of the most thoughtful man ever.

King was an amazing leader. In December 1955 king was chosen to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association, formed by the black community to lead a boycott of the segregated city busses. During the boycott king house was boomed, but he persuaded his followers to remain non-violent despite the threats to their lives and poverty. During the boycott king said "There is a new negro in the South, with a new sence of dignity and destiny."

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confidence of his individual concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." These are famous words from Martin Luther King Jr. The head leader of the Cilvil Right Movement. MLKJR was courageous, a great leader, and a thoughtful man. I personally think without him the world can be a horrible place where we would all have different schools, water fountains, and restraints. I am thankfull for what he did.

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