The Catcher in the Rye

Chapters 1 and 2

"I was sixteen then, and I'm seventeen now, and some times I act like I'm about thirteen." (Salinger 13)

Chapters 3 and 4

"That's something else that gives me royal pain. I mean if you're good at writing compositions and somebody starts talking about commas. Stradlater was always doing that. He wanted your to think that. He wanted you to think that the only reason he lousy at writing compositions was because he stuck all the commas in the wrong place."  (37)

This quote shows how Holden reacts with his community. He is very pessimistic and negative towards others. He judges everyone's actions and shows angst towards them. This is why he does not really have any friends, he has a negative attitude  and is very opinionated. .

Chapters 5 and 6

On Saturday night Holden had the acrid steak that Pencey Prep served every week. Afterwards everyone had a snowball fight which made Holden feel elated. Holden went to go see an irrelevant movie with his friends and ended up going to the arcade instead. Holden wrote Stradlaters composition on his brother and ruminated his memories with him. Afterwards Holen and Stradlater got into an indelible fight over Jane.

Chapter 7

Why did Holden continue to talk to Ackley even though he said that he does not like him?

Chapter 8

Why was Holden so sure that he would not get in trouble by Ernest's mom by sdking her to smoke and drink with him?

Chapter 9

Why is Holden so curious about the ducks in Central Peak?

Chapter 10

Why does Holden spend so much time describing the three girls he met?

Chapter 11

Why won't Holden admit that he likes Jane as more than a friend?

Chapter 12

Why did Holden want to have a drink with Ernie even though he seemed to dislike him?

Chapter 13

Why does Holden have a prostitute come up to his room if he just wanted to talk

Chapter 14

Why did Holden pretend that he was shot?

John Green

He talked about the language that the author used and how it showed Holdens angst.

He talked about the passive voice used an an example when Holden uses a lot of passive voice but one phrase about his brother being dead was in the present tense.

He talked abou olden in general and how Holden wanted to time to stop and how Holden was finally happy in the end of the novel

Chapter 15

Why did Holden enjoy his times oth the nuns when he usually despises everyone?

Chapter 16

Why does Holden a,ways focus on things being phony?

Chapter 17

Why did Holden ask Sally to move to Vermont with him when he was just thinking about how phony she was?

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