Morgan Owen


1. Camp

Camp was so much fun.  At camp we had a big cabin with 13 beds in it.  I had such great time with all my friends.

2. Musical

The musical was a great experience.  This year I got a role as a brother.



I really enjoyed track this year.  For track I ran the 800 and the mile. My mile time was 6.32 sec.  

4. Football Games


The football games were a lot of fun. One time I had Laura, Bailey, and Anya over to get ready.  At the football games we would eat food and watch football.  

5. Cross Country

Cross Country was fun.  I made a lot of 8th grade friends on the team. At the races we always cheered for each other.  

6. Band concerts

One of my favorite classes was band. I played flute in band. At the concert we played really fun songs. One of the songs was a Lion King Medley.  All the songs were really hard to play at first, but after practicing they got easy.

7. Formal

For the formal I went to get pictures at Sarah's house.  We ate dinner then got the pictures taken.  At the dance I had a blast. The DJ was good, and he played some sick beats.

8. Outsiders Day

For outsiders day I was a soc.  All the activities were fun.  My favorite was Mrs. Kris' because it was a challenge to get the cotton balls across the room without them falling of our noses.

9. Awards Banquet

At the awards night I won the 4.0 and PEAK award. I got the 4.0 award because I got a 4.0 for the first 3 grading periods. I got the PEAK award because I got selected for PEAK at the beginning of the year.

10. STAND and PEAK

HELA Moments

Radio Dramas

The radio dramas were fun. We had to tell a story only using our mouth and instruments. Ours was about a sickness spreading.  It was a lot of fun to make.

Anthem Day

For anthem day we had a lot of activities we had to complete.  My group was Lydia, Mandy, and me.  We attempted to complete every challenge, but some. Were very difficult.

Partner IRP

I really enjoyed the partner IRP.  It was fun to work with my friends on it.  Also working on the diagram was a lot of fun. I liked how they asked us questions and we had to answer them.  All of us worked together and we built it really quickly.

Herso's Journey Act

We had to act out the Hero's Journey.  I was in a group with Lydia and Mandy. I liked our act because everyone in the class was in ours. For example the main character was Sarah, and the Threshold guardian was John.  


In chorus there were many activities. 

In chorus we had parties.  My favorite party was the party right before spring break.  Everyone brought in breakfast foods and we ate the food while we watched music videos. A tip for the party is to bring in food.  If you do you get to get in line first for the food.  

Some quizzes we had to do was learn a melody and sing it for Mrs. Bowers. 

She grades every worksheet, so do your best on them.

Some tips are:

Participate because she puts in a grade for it every week.

Memorize the songs.

On Friday


Camp was the best week.  I had such a fun time.  I was in a cabin with Mia, Nicole, Anna, Sydney, Mandy, Sarah B., Eden, Jenna, Mckenna, Sarah S., Isabel, and Sarah Lennon, our councelor, but we called her Doyel.  

The best parts of camp

Rock Wall

I enjoyed the rock wall and zip line because it was a challenge.  I was the first person to go, and I didn't know what to expect because it was my first time on a big rock wall. I also enjoyed it because it was a big team building activity.  

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

At camp we made T-shirts.  I enjoyed making them.  I know that I'll have my t-shirt for a long time.

Boat Ride

I enjoyed the boat ride.  We saw lots of really cool birds.  We even saw a Bald Eagle nest.   It was the first one I have ever seen.

Creek Study

The creek study was fun.  We found only one crayfish, but it was really big.  On the walk Sarah tripped on a rock and fell in. She got wet, and we didn't have a shower until the next day.  

Down Time

During down time we would go back to our cabin and play cards, or just talk.  Another thing we would do during down time is play outside. I liked when we would hang  out outside because we went to a tree house.


At the dance we all wore matching t-shirts. We also all stayed by each other to dance.


I had  lunch 12th mod.  Everyday for lunch I packed.  I had to pack my own lunch.  I sat at a big table with many of my friends.  Some were Lydia, Sarah, Luara, Anya, Baily, McKenna, and sometimes Nicole.  I enjoyed lunch.  I liked when people gave me their extra food.


The dances were a great part of 7th grade.  A tip for the dances is to not bring money or don't buy anything. If you do buy food all your friends will eat it, or you won't eat the food. Some dances that you'll want to go to are the Dance-A-Thon and Formal.  The Dance-A-Thon was a dance you had to pay extra to get in to.  You got the money by asking for donations from other people. The whole week before the dance we had to wear different wacky outfits.  For example we had to wear a wacky hat one day.  At the dance there were different activities.  Also the teachers had a dance off, which was really fun.

Survival Tips

#1 do your homework right when you get home from school.


#3 Study before the last night before a big test.

#4 When you wear leggings wear a long shirt.

#5 Join clubs or sports

#6 Don't decide your camp cabin too early.

#7 Use a big book bag

#8 Use your assignment note book.

#9 Don't worry too much about your outfit or hair.

#10 Enjoy school


Doing the best you can is the most you can do.

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Morgan, great start -- I love all the pcitures!