offers cheapest car rental in Iceland

Business or pleasure it makes sense to have at your disposal a vehicle for your exclusive use – that way you can just get into it and drive off to any destination at any time of the day or night. This is especially true when on a holiday or on a business trip abroad.

Many folks tend to believe that due to competition, vehicle rentals would more or less be the same. They arrive at their destination airport or railway station or port and look at the billboards or brochures, select a car rental that has a glossy eye-catching advertisement and go with that.

Believe it or not but a little 10-minute effort can not only aid you in finding the cheapest car rental at your destination, it could actually save you 50% or more in car rentals. Even if your journey was a spur-of-the-moment or your company sent you on an emergency dash with little or no advance notice, a mere 10 minutes spent on your smart phone or Tab during the flight or journey will save you 50% or more on car rentals.

Here’s how you do it; search for car rentals at the destination city, visit a few website, compare car rentals and voilà!

For example, the latest and best place to find incredible deals in car rentals in Iceland is And to prove our point, if you visit (say) and compare at the rates displayed with those at, you would find that the car rental rates at are on an average 50% below those offered by Hertz.

Need proof? Here it is; a Toyota RAV4 or similar, 5 door four wheel drive with automatic transmission will cost Kr 16,600/day and that does not include insurance, GPS and so on. A similar vehicle can he rented out through for as little as Kr 7,000 i.e. less than half the ‘best offer’ at Hertz.

So how is this possible, how can cars be rented out so cheaply? Simple – the cars that are rented out at belong to different individuals and not to a company. They do not operate with the same overheads as (say) Hertz. With the local economy taking a huge hit in recent times, some citizens of Iceland with more than one car in the family, got together, launched this website and are offering their well maintained cars for hire.

So are these ramble shackle vehicles on rent? Actually, the owners of these vehicles have set themselves the same standards as any other ‘branded’ car rental agency e.g. Hertz.

You can even read reviews from previous customers who have used a particular car. Full vehicle details are provided and the customer is covered by a signed contract. In fact, the only thing that is different between say Hertz and is the Rent a car in iceland charges - is most definitely the cheapest car rental service in Iceland.

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