Plate Boundaries

Divergent,Convergent,Transform by Anna Kleinman- sources:

This is a picture of the 3 types of plate boundaries:Divergent,Convergent,and Transform

The divergent boundary is when 2 plates separate and move apart, then form new crust out of the dried magma to fill the cracks. Found in rift valleys and other places. The convergent boundary is when 2 plates move toward each other and if the same density, they slowly collide and if they have a different density, the more dense one (oceanic crust) sinks below the other plate. Found in several areas including the US and coasts, for example: The collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates that created the Himalayas. Transform boundaries are when 2 plates slide past each other, marked in places by linear valleys. Found mostly on the sea floor.`

This is a map of some main tectonic plates. There are 16 listed in the picture. They vary in shape and size! There is a theory behind tectonic plates- The theory states the plates are in constant slow motion and how they form and move, how they interact and produce natural disasters! They based this theory on new information on Earth's  interior and lithosphere.

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