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ECO/HC 561 Economics in Health Care Business Proposal Project Paper

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Learning Team – Business Proposal Project Paper

Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you do the following:

Tell the story of a fictional firm that provides health care services.

Choose a specialty health care service with which your team may become familiar.

Use library resources to research the market and individual firms for this service.

Explain how resource scarcity influences this market and describe choices stakeholders are forced to make.

Describe economic flows that may affect the firm.

Describe some causes of change in supply and demand, and how they affect equilibrium price and quantity.

Explain if pricing decisions for this market are elastic or inelastic. How does that affect decisions?

Write a business proposal, including the following:

Describe a market in which this service has a shortage of providers.

List services your firm provides.

Explain how you set each service’s price.

Explain who you must hire and how much you will pay them.


ECO/HC 561 Economics in Health Care Cost and Consumerism

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Individual – Cost & Consumerism

Select one of the following options to prepare a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with grammatically correct speaker’s notes:

A single 23-year old female, generally healthy, who does not have a history of smoking or drinking, and is pregnant with her first child

A 55-year old male, former smoker, who has recently learned he has lung cancer

A 10-year old male finds out he is diabetic

A 60-year old female suffers from severe chronic arthritis

Discuss the person’s story as if he or she has no insurance, public health insurance, private health insurance, or employer-provided health insurance.

Address the following:

Research and present the patient’s options for obtaining services in your area.

Research and compare out-of-pocket costs for comprehensive medical supervision and treatments, such as hospitalization, drugs, surgery, and so forth.

Explain financing means and burdens in each situation, based on your findings.

Explain how consumerism may influence the decisions made by the patient in terms of obtaining the care they need.

Format your presentation according to APA standards


ECO/HC 561 Economics in Health Care International Paper

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International Paper

Resources: Business Proposal Project and Macroeconomics Policy & Implications assignments

Write a paper of no more than 1,750 words, supposing 5 years have passed and your organization is looking to expand overseas. You have already identified a market and population in another country that has unmet demand for your service. Address the following in your paper:

Would the price be more or less than what you charge domestically?

Will you hire domestically or outside the country?

What are barriers to entry?

Are there any limits of supply?

How will foreign consumers react to your service offerings?


ECO/HC 561 Economics in Health Care Macroeconomic Policy and its Implications to Healthcare Providers

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Learning Team – Macroeconomic Policy & its Implications to Healthcare Providers.

Resource: Business Proposal Project assignment

Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you do the following:

Predict effects of current macroeconomic trends on your team’s organization.

Find current levels of gross domestic product growth, inflation, and unemployment.

Explain how these levels affect your industry and organization.

Plan to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of the service you provide.

Project the related patient volume, revenue, and expenses.

Identify indirect benefits as a result of providing services; quantify as much as possible