How to Stop Procrastinating

                                                             By Amy Spencer

Do the Worst Thing First

Maybe this is the last suggestion you want to hear. But there’s a good reason to start with the tough stuff. “We have a limited, depletable supply of willpower and resources,” says Piers Steel, Ph.D., a professor of human resources and organizational dynamics at the University of Calgary and the author of The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things Done. Attack the hardest task when your energy is fresh and you give yourself the strongest chance of success. Doing otherwise can have a damaging domino effect. “Putting off the dreaded item on your list saps your strength,” says Eva Wisnik, who conducts time-management training for lawyers and corporations in New York City. Ultimately all your other tasks suffer—stressing over that worst thing “makes you not completely present with anything else,” says Wisnik. So identify and get started on the most heinous project, which is not necessarily the biggest job but the baddest. “Checking it off will make you feel super-productive,” says Wisnik, thus infusing with you with gung-ho, it’s-all-downhill-from-here enthusiasm.

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3 years ago

Makes perfect sense...we usually do the easy things first just so we can cross them off the list!

a month ago

This is an informative article; this article is related about how to stop procrastinating. I completely understand your tips for stop procrastinating but please share some details; I want to know more tips. I am sure you will provide a huge stuff because you are continuously providing me a lot of information. Thanks.

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