Kiva Kids at Town School

My name is Zachary and I go to school at Town School for Boys. I am in the Kiva Kids business SCZ inc with my friends Cal and Sean. I am doing an unit on Kiva in my math class and we are doing a model of Kiva called Kiva Kids. We are also learning about interest, algebraic formulas and order of operations.

One thing that resonates with me is the Comfort With New and Unfamiliar.

Here are some New and Unfamiliar things.

Doing Paperwork:

Waiting for a loan:

And finally hoping to get funded:

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I am proud of a few new and unfamiliar things. First I am proud of being able to handle money. I have never done that before. Second, this is my first time ever advertising something and our group is succeeding. Third, I am extremely proud of my ability to not get upset when we don't sell product. That is a very important skill to have. Lastly I am proud of how our group settled our disagreements and found a product to buy.

How it feels to be a borower

It feels good and hard to be a borrower at the same time. It feels good because we get to make money and sell toys. We also get a Kiva experience. It is hard to manage money and advertise. Overall, this is how I feel about being a borrower.

What resonates with you

Complexity of world issues is what resonates withe me right now. The reason why is that when we make a loan we have the best chance of getting our money back to make another loan when we loan to a financially stable country with no big issues. The problem is we don't always know if there is an issue because they are so complex.

A Quote

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

-Albert Einstein

This relates to our entire  project because we were not trying only to succeed but we were also trying to help others, learn about their lives starting a business and feeling for them.