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Share some VCP5-DCV VCP550D exam questions and answers below.
An error occurs while building a new virtual machine with a thin provisioned virtual disk size of 20GB. The datastore has 35GB of free space. The datastore is overcommitted by 95GB. What is preventing the virtual machine from being built?
A. The datastore is built on a thin provisioned LUN that has run out of storage array free space.
B. The datastore has reached the maximum overcommitment threshold.
C. The virtual disk used by the virtual machine cannot be thin provisioned on this datastore.
D. The virtual disk used by the virtual machine requires more free space than is available in the datastore.

Answer: A

A vSphere administrator enables and configures a Software iSCSI Initiator, and configures an iSCSI vmkernel portgroup with Port Binding. The SAN administrator creates a few LUNs on an iSCSI server. However, when the vSphere administrator adds the IP address of the iSCSI server in the Dynamic Discovery list, no iSCSI targets are detected. What condition would result in this behavior?

A. The iSCSI vmkernel portgroup and the iSCSI server are on different subnets.
B. The iSCSI server IP address should be entered in the Static Discovery instead of Dynamic Discovery list.
C. The network card bound to the iSCSI portgroup is 1Gbps Ethernet instead of 10Gbps.
D. A Software iSCSI Initiator cannot use Port Binding in conjunction with Dynamic Discovery.
Answer: A

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