Louis Gates

the man with the history!

                                             By Cole Jones block 1a


  • He is a famous historian and writer.
  • He is also a editor, scholar, and a teacher.
  • He was born in Keyser, West Virginia on September 16 1950.
  • And is still alive, his age is 62
  • Louis Gates  got injured in the leg playing football at fourteen and now he uses a cane to walk.
  • He had two daughters
  • Worked around Yale College
  • He studied black culture
  • He brought out better education and equality for African Americans.
  • Louis Gates has been given 51 honorary degrees and numerous academic and social action award.
  • Louis Gates showed everyone the truth of how when there was slavery "it wasn't evil whites and good black people He said,  The world is just not like that".
  • Louis Gates contributed a good amount of things to peoples lives and has save some in a certain sense.


Louis Gates pic. at the top-http://ronewoldcnews.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/henry-louis-gates-office.jpg?w=450&h=295

Louis Gates pic. at the bottom-

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