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Australia is definitely not the fattest nation and this in my opinion is because we are quite a sporty country. on the other hand there is America who is leading the charge at becoming the fattest nation in the world. We most certainly  have fast food in Australian but not anything close to what Americans have to offer and that's not variety that is quantity. Americans also eat more fast food than we do and coming out with excuse from every spot they can pull them from. Such as it cost to much to eat healthy food or there inst enough time to cook at night. well they should know not to worry because they will have plenty of time to cook in their grave because that's we the unhealthy lifestyle will lead them and a lot quicker that was originally intended for them.

As an Australian watching the documentary i was disgusted with how obese Americans are and how many obese Americans there are. I eat fast food along with many Australian, and i love fast food but it needs to be regulated with a healthy diet, also as Australians are a sporty nation always out on the weekend kicking the footy or whatever sport they might play it helps to balance the effects that fast food has on us. the documentary just gave me the impressions that all Americans do is eat fast food and then to exercise the walk to Maccas to buy some more. i know that fast food can be eaten and enjoyed most importantly while still have a healthy lifestyle which in the documentary most Americans obviously don't realise or it is just to hard for them.

No one forces anyone to eat fast food but majority of us do it because it taste great but Americans and the rest of the world need to understand that you can just always eat it and expect to be healthy and i would like to think that Australians are a good demonstration of people with healthy lifestyle but still can enjoy a Big Mac every so often.

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2 years ago

Corey, here is some feedback to support your final blog submission
-In the opening sentence you say we are a 'sporty country'. Perhaps a hyperlink to a news story, a blog, statistics (or any other webpage) would be a good way to support this generalisation.
-Editing is still important. Check capital letters, commas, full stops and grammar.
-You haven't made reference to the text. This is an important aspect of answering the question or responding to the prompt, whatever the case may be.
-Perhaps after the 'grave' comment you could include a gif, a meme, or a jpeg image to reinforce your image visually.
-A statistic in relation to the number of AUstralians who play a sport causually, socially or professionally would support what you are saying.
-Overall You've done well to comment of the documentary however you haven't made explicit the links to Australian beliefs, values and/ or attitudes that inform this interpretation you have presented.