Is Instagram being used for attention?

People are getting over obsessed with their devices and taking selfies and they won't spend much time with their family and that might affect the family relationships.

When people get up in the morning and they take selfies of themselves and put so much make up every morning to the point where its their daily routine and these people are called bedheads.

Selfies can get out of hand because people can post inappropriate pictures of them selves. Or if people are scrolling through Instagram and they start hating and they hurt people in an emotional way. A lot of people are obsessed with continuing a trend called ''THE BATHROOM SELFIE!'' When people are trying to take pictures or selfies some people called "PHOTO BOMBERS!"

The Photo Bomb

The Bathroom Selfie

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3 years ago

You have some interesting ideas that should be developed. Be careful of sentence structure. Many sentences are run-on sentences or clauses. I would create a couple different separate headings and go into detail about each point to prove that Instagram has a negative influence on society.