Katy's Pizza Factory

My Business Plan

My business is a pizza factory that is planning on selling frozen pizzas through out the Kansas City, and Liberty areas. We will start by selling two types of pizza, Deep Dish Chicago style Pizza, and Thin Crust New York Style Pizza.


I know I can only hold 1,200 cases in my factory. Also you can only fit 12 thin crusts in a case, and only fit 8 deep dish a case. It costs $20 to make a case of the deep dish pizzas and it costs $24 to make a case of  thin crust pizzas. The pizzas are sold for $48 for a cases of deep dish, and $72 for a cases of thin crust  . I can only spend $2,000 in the first month of work.

System of Inequalities

  • X= The amount of thin crusts cases being sold
  • Y= The amount of deep dishes cases being sold

Profit Equations:


  • 72x + 48y = S


  • 24x + 20y = C


  • 48x + 28y = P

Inequalities Restriction

  • x≤12
  • y≤8
  • x+y≤1200
  • x≥0
  • y≥0
  • 24x +20y≤2000

Maximize Profit

48(76) +28(8) = P

3681 + 224 = P

Profit is $3,905 if I sell 76 cases of Thin Crust And 8 Cases of Deep Dish.

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