NBA Cares Foundation
(founded in October 2005)

The NBA Cares Logo

Nba Cares:

Founded in 2005 to show responsibility and demonstrate leadership.

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We chose NBA Cares because:

There were many advertisements on the channel NBA Tv Canada.

We like basketball

Golden State Bench


NBA Players, coaches, general managers, etc.

LeBron James building a house

Main Activities include: Building houses, visiting sick people, planting trees, recycling programs, etc.

The Los Angeles Clippers

The NBA Cares foundation helps make the world a better place by:

Addresses social issues.

Demonstrating responsibility and leadership and showing that all the NBA cares about us.

The End!!

The NBA Cares Foundation is a great foundation where everyones favourite NBA players work and care for their communities. I think that other sports leagues should also try to do this because together, we can make a difference! Thank you for your attention!

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