Calf Roping

Calf roping, also known as tie-down calf roping, is a rodeo event that features a calf and a rider mounted on a horse. The goal of this timed event is for the rider to catch the calf by throwing a loop of rope from a lariat around its neck, dismount from the horse, run to the calf, and restrain it by tying three legs together, in as short a time as possible.

People in this career go to whole bunch of rodeos to compete and when they catch they get points. They take the top 30/45 people who have the most points and the top people go to finals in Las Vegas.

You have to practice to compete in these kinds of events. You have to be cordinated and have good balance to calf rope.

how much money can you make?

You can make over 1.5 million threw the whole year.... you just have to rope smart and keep winning rodeos and get sponsors.

you have to be strong to be able to flank the the calf.

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