My Income & Career Goal Investigation
by Markeem Green
Computer Science Class - Period 4
Completed: 10 March 2014
Description of my Search:

The results of my Vocational Choice Survey (A) showed that I'm Social, Enterprising, Conventional. According to the College and Career (AA) handout the three career choices I made were, Sales person, Travel Agent, Real estate Agent. I decided to look more closely at becoming a Travel Agent. This week I can study the world for better resources. During this school year I can try more new languages. Next, this summer I can go out and see how it is out the real world. Before I graduate I could learn about the world. During college I will work very hard to graduate. Lastly, after college Find me the job.

Educational Administrator

With a career as a travel agent, you'll make travel arrangements: airline, car, hotel, cruises, tours, sight seeing trips, and more for people traveling anywhere in the world. I will need to complete high school and get an G.E.D . I will also need to pass exams like Mid-Terms and SAT's. In addition, I will need specific licenses to drive jet and things like that to travel with jets and planes because I am an travel agent. I will major in Education and minor in Journalism.

My Income Level

I've decided that I would like to be a Travel Agent in Philadelphia, PA .I found a site that stated travel agent salaries were $57,000/yr and another that stated low $30′s

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