52 IN 52

The 52 albums that define my love for music

Album/Week 3

Who: Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band "S/T"

When: Early 80's/Early 90's (Although the record was released in 1976

Why: File this in my musical world under "huh?" This record has a couple different reasons why I love it. First off, if you aren't familiar with them, Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah band was a mix of Big Band, Swing and Disco. Yup. I didn't get it as a child, I just knew it was fun. My parents had this record and would play it often. I would recognize the songs, but I was way more interested in the cover because I thought the Penguin was in the band. (Yup, The Batman villain on the cover). Why is the Penguin on the cover?? Anyways, years go by and I forget about it until I was about 11 and Mr. Sobey played it again randomly, and this time it stuck. I remember hearing it and saying to Mr. Sobey that I knew this, and he started laughing because he said nobody knows this! (and knowing something Ken Sobey played in his house was impressive, due to his background of smooth jams such as Steeley Dan, Gino Vannelli and many more) Which, I think impressed him. I spent alot of time growing up with the Sobey family, and it shows in my musical influences. I'm grateful for that. This record takes me back to those care-free days as both a very young child and a rambunctious pre-teen. So, thanks mom and dad, and Sobey family.

Listen to this jam!

Dr. Buzzards original Savannah band was only around for 3 years or so, but made an impression on the New York music scene during their time, and the future. Many hip-hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Doug E. Fresh, M.I.A have all sampled parts of their songs. Even Ghostface Killa covered (kinda) the song in the video above but called it "Cherchez LaGhost" which is a killer song off his "Supreme Clientele" record.

"Tommy Mattola lives on the road. He lost his lady two months ago. Maybe he'll find her, maybe he wont!"