The Chilcote-Readeys'

Super Retro Holiday Letter!

Season's Greetings!

A is for American Greetings, where Katherine is still making the world safe for greeting cards,

B is for boisterous little boy, which our nearly two-year-old son Nathan has become,

C is for Chautauqua, a beautiful place that we continue to enjoy with family and friends,

D is for dashing out of the Cleve to spend a week in FL near Disney (yes, we met all the princesses),

E is for Emily, now in preschool and taking ballet, whose favorite expression is “No way, Jose!” (second favorite expression: "Mom, it's not the end of the world!"),

F is for Fresh Water Cleveland, a thriving startup publication where Lee’s writing can be found,

G is for good friends, especially other parents living in CLE’s near west side neighborhoods,

H is for high school reunion, which both Lee and Katherine celebrated this year (20th, baby),

I is for ice and snow, which we didn’t have in abundance this winter (global warming has its perks),

J is for jogging, which Katherine took up again this year, running a 5K race successfully,

K is for Katherine, who continues to be an awesome mom, partner and person (says Lee),

L is for Lee, who hit his stride as a freelance writer this year and is looking forward to 2013,

M is for marriage, which we are celebrating six years of, and being grateful for one another,

N is for Nathan, who is the sweetest, funniest, cutest, smiliest, pudgiest, greatest boy ever,

O is for Ohio City Argus, a community newspaper Lee has been working to grow this year,

P is for the art of parenting, which we’ve mastered (not), and which continues to be joyous,

Q is for questions, which we wish our kids asked less of, esp. in the car (i.e., Are we there yet?),

R is for Rust Belt Chic, a recent book of essays that Lee had a piece published in this year,

S is for sharing, which our kids are learning how to do -- especially Emily, who is a great big sister,

T is for tyrannosaurus rex, which Nathan imitates with a fearsome growl and hooked fingers,

U is for ukulele, kind of like a guitar, which is an instrument Lee’s been playing more of lately,

V is for very grateful, which is how we feel about the Readey and Chilcote grandparents in our lives,

W is for West Side Market, which celebrated its 100th birthday this year, and is a family favorite,

X is for xylophone, because there’s basically no other words that start with X, and it’s a cool word,

Y is for year, which is how long it’s been since we’ve talked to some of you, and we miss you,

Z is for zzzzzzz, which is something we’d like to get more of, but we’ll catch up in 20 years!

Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy 2013!

With love, Katherine Readey and Lee Chilcote -,

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