Fiction ideas can also take part of real life


In 1984 , Orwell’s book ,  we can find  the Ministry of Peace.  This ministry is the one in charge of maintaining the state of war, just like nowadays the Ministry of Defense. They own the armed forces , like the navy and the army and they are vital to keep everything in it’s place. In the book this ministry is named Ministry of Peace because peace is used as a synonym of war in the slogan of the party ,this is because they consider  that war is peace. It’s really important, they are the ones who are involved in the continuos wars between the nation with  Eurasia and Eastasia. The biggest difference between 1984 and 2013 about this ministries is that in 1984 they were much more strict than now . They controlled the people that rebel or disagree with the party and obliged them to obey.

In this days the forces control the people but let them express their own opinions , they are free to do what they want unless its something bad that relates other people. Also in 1984 we can the Ministry of peace is always in war, and they do it for a reason : to make sure people believe that there was a war going on. They wanted to scare the people. They considered that war was peace, freedom was slavery and ignorance was strength.


In 1984 we can notice de presence of telescreens in every home, shop or pretty much every place where there is people. The function of the TV is quite simple: propaganda. The two minutes of hate where broadcasted on those screens, which meant that everyone would watch it. Other forms of big brothers propaganda where based on those telescreens. Security cameras are constantly appearing and being mentioned along the novel. Their role is fundamental in the course of the story, because they are everywhere. Every single spot is always under surveillance, everything is within the reach of big brother's eye in the sky. All this meant that people where always being controlled, both their behavior and their thinking.

Actually it’s quite different. We can compare telescreens with security cameras and also with some TVs. Security cameras are very common nowadays, but not as a measure for controlling people, just for safety purposes. They are installed in supermarkets, malls, shops, streets and also in the entrance of many houses.

Additionaly, we found a video that compares the telescreens of 1984 and a smart TV.


This league was one of the groups dedicated to the Party (like spies). Their purpose was controlling and repressing sexual urges and romantic involvements for its members. They want to eliminate attraction and intimacy. Only after marriage sex was permissible. Members of it, as Julia, wore red sashes around their waists. Julia was in it, unlike Winston who resents this group.
We can compare this with the religious groups that have long tradition of priest celibacy and believe that sex before marriage is impure.


Christian God is consider a distant figure that oversees all and nobody in world know how he looks like in person . In the bible it is clearly shown as a “voice” such as big brother who watch all but is distant and no one truly knows how he looks in person. In the book, if someone disobey him, is punished. Both(god and big brother) are consider as all-powerful and worthy of worship, demands love and obedience, “watches” everything you do and think, and also you have to “demostrate” them your allegiance.  

Furthermore, in 2007 Google launched “G-Identity”, a platform for providing information when your name is Googled. Although Google can’t “watch” you, they act like “Big Brother” in controlling the use of it. In the book is just as IGNSOC  who controls and is “the owner of people activities”, but in this case Google “owns” its users identities.


In 1984 Newspeak was created to control history and basically the idea was to remove all shades of meaning from language leaving simple dicthomies  (pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, good thoughts and thoughtcrimes) which reforce the State domination. Also words with opposite and similar meanings were removed as they were “redundant” for the language For example: BAD became UNGOOD, BEST-doubleplusgood. And why the Party do this? Because if something can’t be said, then it can’t be thought. In real life we can see that in politicians “correct” speech. They replace words that are consider politically unsuitable such as:

.FOREIGN FOOD: Cuisine Ethnics
.HANDICAPPED: Physically Challenged
.SEX CHANGE: Gender Reassigment
.SECRETARY: Administrative Assistant

By using this words they believe that people would be less likely to hold offensive views. This is basically an intent to alter the minds of the public. In the video below it is a man showing how this phenomenon has arrived in the edition of textbooks for kids.

"Groups making books too PC(Politically Correct)?"

And in the end...

For us this investigation was really helpful to understand more the book as when we started reading it, this concepts sounded very weird and with no so much sense, but we said: "Well, is a fiction book, anything can pass in this kind of stories". Although that is true, during the investigation, we found out that Orwell in 1984 descripts the totalitary goverments such as Fascism and comunism, specially Stanilist model, where Big Brother is the dictator.  When we realize that part of the story was based on real life events, we decided to analyse the aspects we couldn't believe to be part of present time. In conclusion we find really interesting that things, which were considered impossible to exist a few years ago, are now more present in our own life than we could ever imagine.

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