Snow Day

    This is how I spend my snow day off. The night before I stayed up all night watching and tracking the weather. I made sure there was no school so I could sleep as long as I want to. But around 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm I felt a little sleepy so I headed to bed. Even though I had the day off my mom didn't so she woke me up at 8:00 am to help her prepare for work.

   I helped her by making bottles of food for my baby sister. Finally my mom was on her way existing out the house waving at me. Before leaving my mom had instructed me to clean the house before she returns back home. Instead of starting on my work I went right back to sleep. I slept to 11:00, I took a shower dressed and watched tv.

    In case your wondering I stayed home with my older sister who's 19 years. About 5:00 I took nap but it was very brief. I started on the dishes and scrub them till they were clean. And then I clean the stove till it was spotless. I basically acted very lazy through out the whole day.

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