AcreWoods (Winnie The Pooh)

Map of AcreWoods

AcreWoods was founded by Christopher Robin in 1926. It was discovered when Christopher Robin sailed the ocean blue heading towards England. A storm had came and threw him and his ship of course where he later landed on a deserted forest island. With the tools he had on his ship, he came to the conclusion that the trees were big enough to be used as homes. Living conditions were found acceptable and thus AcreWoods was founded.

In AcreWoods, Spring time is nice and warm, Summer is hot, Fall was chilled, and Winters were cold. Because of the climate, most of the residents in AcreWoods would mostly eat nuts and honey. Some residents would farm their own carrots as well. Sometimes the Winter temperature would freeze the Honey, but the residents came to the solution of  honeycicles (which was frozen honey on a stick).

In AcreWoods, residents like to play Poohsticks in their free time. The game is multi-player and the objective is for each player to find their own stick and stand on top of any bridge that is over a flowing river. Players then drop their sticks into the water and see which stick appears first on the other side of the bridge. The players stick to appear first would win. This game brings residents of AcreWoods closer together.

AcreWoods residents read, write, and speak in English. Since Christopher Robin was English, he wanted the dominant language to be English. Although some new residents that come to AcreWoods may speak a different language, they will try their hardest to adapt and learn English. They are not required to speak perfect/fluently in English, but it would help them communicate with other residents.

Residents of AcreWoods playing Poohsticks

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