The Glass Castle

The story of an adventurous family



Throughout the novel Jeannette, Lori, and Brian are constantly patient with their parents, and the struggles, and constant moving that they have to go through. As well the kids learn valuable skills in roughing so to speak.


Throughout the novel the kids have to learn to be patient with their parents and learn how to put up with their parents and forgive them for putting them through the hardships that they had to face.



The story opens on Jeanette in a taxi on her way to a party, but on her ways sees her mother digging through the trash. Jeanette doesn't want to be seen so she tells the taxi driver to turn around and take her home.

Rising Action

Jeanette gets beat by her father with the belt, because Jeanette was back talking her mother which is highly frowned upon in the Walls' household.


Maureen becomes mentally incompetent, and the family argues over who to blame, and Maureen ends up stabbing her mother

Falling Action

Maureen escapes to California after serving a year in prison, and Rex Walls dies of a heart attack. After Maureen leaves the family doesn't see each other for awhile.


At the end, Jeanette lives in an apartment in New York, and her mother is homeless in New York rummaging through trash cans to survive. Brian is a police officer, Lori became an Artist, Maureen moved to California and does drugs.


Jeanette Walls

Jeanette is the middle of the 4 kids she is no the oldest but the second oldest. Her dad keeps her motivated because of his insight into different things. The lack of clothing and cleanliness is the only thing that holds her back throughout the story. Her need for an adventure and love for the great outdoors is what makes Jeanette so significant in this novel.

Mom( Rosemary Walls)

A mother of four, and a very small scale artist and writer. The account of always seeing the bright side of things is what always keeps her motivated. Her not having a job and lack of money, and having to take care of four kids is the only thing that holds her back. Moms concentration and her art helping her see the bright side of things is what makes her significant.

Dad (Rex Walls)

Father of 4 kids whose the man who brings home the money from his multiple jobs. To be able to eventually build their dream house the "Glass Castle" is what keeps him moving. The fact that he constantly drinks and gets drunk a lot is what holds him back. He is the life of the family and he is what keeps the family moving, literally, and his knack for the outdoors.


The walls family has lived in many different places throughout the Novel.

Important Quotes

"Don't worry, God understands, He knows that your father is a cross we must bear." -Rosemary Walls pg.105

This was spoken to Jeanette by her mother. This is significant because it showed the walls family's struggle with their father along.

" How many places have we lived?" -Lori Walls

This question was asked by Lori Jeanette's older sister. This was quoted along one of the skedaddles the Walls family took place in. This quote goes to show how many places they have lived throughout their childhood.

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