Decoding The Global Trends On Asset Management Functions

This juncture is one that calls for a complete overhaul and revamping of the strategies that we as asset managers have been implementing over the years to provide the best of services and returns to our clients. Though the current numbers suggest recovery, the overall increase in new assets has been modest at best. To add to this, the situation standing in front of us also includes market volatility issues, weakening of previously strong revenue margins as well as wide variations in the performance of products, regions and managers.

My take on it all? I believe that the industry is still quite vulnerable to the market’s evolution. As such, asset managers need to focus on long term strategies that anticipate these changes in market performance and make adequate reservations as well as preparations for the same. Let us try and understand the latest trends in the asset management industry and the best ways to deal with these.

  • On changing strategies

There has been a structural shift in the market, proven by the continuous and consistently fast growing solutions and specialties coming up. If you are one of the traditional players in the market, prepare yourself to surf these new flows with some radical changes in your participation strategies as well as be ready to do some capacity building.

  • On management

The recent years have shown us one thing – the most successful managers have been either those who are specialists in a particular region or are one of those traditional managers who have gone on to become ambidextrous. If you want to join this success wagon, start thinking specialty investments, multi asset skills or specific and customized services. Going for a mix of core-asset businesses and the new faster-growth assets is the key here.

  • On the major focus

From 2007 to say 2012, asset management companies were mostly concentrated on one single aspect – growth of asset values. But changing times have called for a change in focus as well. Being successful in the industry today means keeping your focus zeroed down on cost discipline as well as management of its structure. These are turbulent times and the best strategy to follow right now is prudence.

After the long and tumultuous roller coaster ride of downfall that the global economy witnessed in the past few years, the world of finance and asset management is finally back on the track of recovery and growth. And what a welcome change this has brought about! After four years of stalled growth, falling profitability graphs and dealing with a reluctant and overly cautious customer base, asset managers across the globe are finally receiving a well earned respite. In fact, as the recent figures suggest, the Assets under Management as well as profits percentages have nearly reached the pre-crisis levels – news that will give investors as well as financial management companies much to cheer about.

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