Mizzou Tigers Football

By: Jake C.

I don't know about you but I am really into collage football. My favorite team is Mizzou because that is where my dad went to collage. They are really good football team. Click Here to see their website. They have an excellent defense and a great quarter back, his name is Maty Mauk. He is number seven. If you have ever seen him play... you have seen how reckless he is. Maty has one heck of an arm the first game he played last year, he threw a touch down in just two plays! It was amazing!

In this video below it will show some of the best plays from him.

Cotton Bowl

Did I mention that they went to the cotton bowl... they also won by a few touchdowns. There is a video of the game up above this. Prepare to be amazed! They one with a last minute strip which Mizzou ran back for a touchdown! Yah!!

Markus Golden

Markus Golden is one of the best people on Mizzou's defense. He is a defensive end and he is super awesome. He is very fast and strong. This year he already has a  few sacks.

Isn't he amazing... He is so good right. He usually has very good games with quite a few tackles.

Marcus Murphy

I also like Marcus Murphy. He is really fast and has great agility. He is one of the two good running backs for Mizzou. He is probably the fastest person on the team besides Russell Hansburouh. They both are  so amazing... and fast! Here is a video below.

Isn't it sick... he so fast and just blows right past all the defenders!

Russell Hansburouh

As I was telling you earlier Russell Hansburouh is super fast and also one of the other running backs for Mizzou. He is also very agile and blows right past all defenses. In the video below it will show some clips of him.

He can just juke past all of the defenders!

Bud Sasser

Bud Sasser is one of Maty Mauk's prime receivers. He is very fast and strong. He can run straight through a defense after a catch. He has great hands and can catch balls many other receivers couldn't catch. He is a great receiver and also an offensive weapon for Maty Mauk. Below is a picture of a great catch.

Isn't that an awesome action shot!

Shane Ray

To me one of my other favorite defensive players is Shane Ray he is a defensive end. He is strong fast and was the 2013 defensive team captain. Watch the pic below to see him sacking Johnny Maniezl.

Boss Right.

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3 years ago

Mizzou is the best! What are your favorite teams?

3 years ago

I don't have a favorite team, but now I can definitely see what your favorite team is.