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There are two ways of building your two page funnel –
1. make it yourself
2. Get it done by someone else.
If you are planning to get it done by someone else, then you could outsource it on outsourcing sites like wp theme ultima review, freelancer, odesk etc. I would say don’t spend more than $5-10 here. OR, If you want to get it done by yourself! Then you can simply use notepad, basic html knowledge and few pictures to do it. I don’t like to code so I use plugins Instabuilder 2.0. You can use whatever you want to use, there is nothing that you should only use instabuilder 2.0 if I am using it. You can also use leadpages and any other stuff.I use Instabuilder 2.0 just because I find it easy to use and it makes all the work easier. But lol.. I am not here to endorse it! Let’s stop talking about it and let me show you how I create my “TWO Page funnel”. Firstly I am building the OPT-in Page: See there are mainly three components in optin page:

1. Headline
2. Background & Colour Combination
3. And of cos! An optin box!
You need to be simple and effective. Don’t write long
headlines and all, just one-two lines work great.
Let me show you some example – Suppose our niche is wp theme ultima review

Then, you can go with headlines like – “Discover How a Simple Magical Diet
helped me Loss XX Amount of Weight”. Carefully look at my headline I am talking about “the result”. It’s Important because people wants to learn about that.  They want to know if this offer is delivering the result or not. So, always keep this in mind. Then, when it comes to background, go with something related to niche.
Why is it so important? See, if you are going to use weight loss kind of background in dog niche, will it work? No! Absolutely not!

Having good background creates good atmosphere. So, when you are in weight loss niche, try having weight loss related background. Let me create a quick optin page for you guys and let me show it to you, so that you can get more better understanding of what I am trying to say here.

Look at this Opt-in Page, it took me 3-5 minutes to create it, In simply put a headline, used a weight loss background which you can find through Google image (but only use images with reuse label). And That’s All for OPT-in Page! It’s ready now!

You just need to say thank you for signing up and also tell them that your gift is waiting in their inbox. The gift can be a small report, ebook, video, course etc.
Just after that line, Put your 3 bonus as:

Bonus 1 – wp theme ultima review related to that CPA offer #1.

Bonus 2 - headline related to that CPA offer #2.
Bonus 3 - headline related to that CPA offer #3.
And link these headlines to their related CPA offers.
Again look at my thank you page I haven’t used too many colors and all. Just be plain and simple. And trust me it doesn’t take any time in creating these pages.
The above thank you page took me no more than 4-5 minutes.
Just start doing it, you will become master very soon! Now, integrate your autoresponder code in your optin page and check if you have redirected your thank you page correctly. Test your whole two page funnel yourself. Up to this point Your Two-Page Funnel is fully Ready and functional!








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