The Plague

How To Get The Plague

you get the Plague by getting bitten by a mosquitoes that had the disease the good thing the happens to the mosquito is it might die because of the disease.

What Are The Effects

When you get the Plague you get all swelled up and your skin starts to peel off and then you die because all of or skin is coming off and then you could easily spread the disease and someone else can get it.

You better run the mosquitoes are coming.

Where You Get The Plague

Are you wondering how you get and where you get the plague? Well if you are I can tell you. You don't get the plague in the U.S.A or Canada you can hardly get them anywhere it is an old disease and you can hardly get it any more. The disease comes from either a person or a mosquitoes.

How Long Will You Last For

According to it is also caused by bacteria if you want to learn more

You know that there is good bacteria and a bad bacteria so if you get any bad bacteria then that can get you to having the Plague. It is very hard getting the plague in the U.S.A and Canada You can rarely get it. Do you know what else can get you to having it? Rats carry the disease, it is carried by its fleas.

What Will Happen When It Starts

You will get chills, headaches, fevers, muscle pain, and swelling. So you probably won't want to get it with all of the effects.

the disease can also spread very fast.

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