5 favourite teaching apps for students with special needs

1. Proloquo2Go

an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app

  • Use in the classroom with students who have difficulties communicating - such as a student with autism.  With this program, the student can communicate with peers and the teacher.

2. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

turn your iPad into a Whiteboard to record lessons with your own voice and writing

  • Create and save a lesson to share online for students to access and watch at their own pace.  They can go back to the lesson as reference while they are working on a project that coordinates with the lesson.

3. Dexteria

work on fine-motor skill development through therapeutic hand exercises

  • All preschool students could benefit from this App.  Allow students time to work on the hand exercises individually and set personal goals.

4. Visual Routine

create a picture or text routine for students

  • This is an app that would be great for a class schedule.  Students like to know the plan - it allows them to feel safe knowing what's happening next. As a class, we could take the pictures and add the text so students have a personal connection to the schedule.  We could have the same morning routine every day, or create the schedule for the next day before going home.

5. Articulation Station

word, sentence and story functions to practice articulation of consonant sounds

  • Use as an individual activity, however all students could be on articulation at a time, or as a centre activity.  This allows students to engage with the program at their own level.  Help students to select the proper developmental level for them to work at.

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