5 mobile apps for learning


Mobile apps that can be used K-12.

Voice Thread:

What it is: Is an application in which students can upload images, videos, drawings, etc. and comment on it.

How to use it: The great thing about voice thread is that it is good for students who are not fond of writing. If giving an assignment which requires a reflection, instead of asking for a written reflection, students  have the option to record their reflections on Voice thread and/or write comments on uploaded versions of their work.

Create a Comic:

What it is: Create a Comic is an app that allows students to create comic characters on any topic they would to use.

How to use it: This app can be used in almost in any subject area. If in a Social studies class you would students to tell the story of Canada's first settlers and their interactions with the First Nations peoples, this would be a fun way to do so. In an English class students could create alternate endings for the novel they are studying. In a music class students could explain music concepts through a comic. The possibilities are endless.


What it is: DropBox is an app that students and teachers can use to share information. Students/teachers can upload images, assignments, videos, power point presentations, etc and share.

How to use it: Having students hand in assignments through DropBox is easy. Instead of having paper assignments (which can easily get lost or forgotten at home), students can upload assignments and presentations on DropBox and share them for viewing with their teachers.


What it is: Socrative is an app teachers can use to take information they are teaching in class and turn it into interactive quizzes, games, etc.

How to use it: Teachers use the information they have been giving to students and create games, or quizzes. By doing this, teachers will see what/and how much students know about the subject material at that point in time.

Remind 101

What it is: Remind 101 is an app that allows the safe communication between teachers, students and parents through text messages.

How to use it: Teachers can use this app to send reminder texts to  students and parents. For example teachers can use this app to remind students of upcoming quizzes or missing assignments.

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