The capital of Mexico, is Mexico City. The major languages is Spanish and English. Mexico is a beautiful country, it has lakes, seas, and rivers. Mexico has a lot of people most of them are around 40 and 45. Mexico is also located in south America.


There's a lot of cultures in Mexico, its all over the country in the states. Folklorico if the most famous dance in Mexico. the top 3 holidays is, "Dia De Muertos" "


Mexico has different types of climate. some part of Mexico has forest, most of it is in the south part of the country. Most of Mexico is desert especially the part north of the country.

native animals of mexico

A vast variety of diverse Mexican Animals inhabit the landscape of the map of Mexico. The country is home to a wide range of fauna and flora and one of the largest levels of biodiversity in the world.

health issues

There are a number of possible causes for such statistics. There is a large gap between upper and lower class food consumption, and families within the lowest economic bracket do not have enough money to obtain adequate food to maintain proper health. Poor diet, which leads to malnutrition, increases susceptibility to illness. Also, economic crises in both the 1980s and 1990s have led to a decrease in the availability and quality of health care and in opportunities for preventative measures for many people.

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