a person who practices or studies law

A Lawyer is a licensed professional entitled to draw up wills, contracts, and other legal documents. They are also their to offer legal advice and opinions to their clients. They are their to defend and represent people in court. They interpret the law in a way that will help their client on their legal problem fairly.

Lawyers spend most of their time reading,writing, and doing research.They draw up legal documents related to wills, divorces and contracts, and negotiating civil disputes.They make sure the wording is correct and that it covers all possible eventualities so that conflict wont arise in the future. They also interview their clients, but if they have a Legal Secretary then they do that for them.

A Legal Secretary is a person who is a Lawyer's assistant. They spend most of their time interacting with clients either in person or on the phone. They are drawing up legal documents and talking to clients about it. Since the Lawyer is usually busy researching, reading, and writing up legal

work, it might be helpful for them to have a Legal Secretary.


To be a Lawyer you have to attend a High School education and get a High School Diploma.

You have to get at least an Undergraduate Degree, which usually takes four years of college. Then you have to go to three years of Law School.

After Law School you have to take a State Bar Exam of the state you want to study Law in. Wait about 6-months to get your results and license for you to become a Lawyer.

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