Middle ages Timelines

By Ivan Mora

1170: The first European windmill is developed.

Windmills were first used for grain grinding and water pumping in Europe. Windmills were later used for processing spices, saw mills, and processing tabacco. The wind mill was very important to eruopean people because it helped get water and grind wheat  for bread and tabacco use

1215 signing of Magna Carta takes place. Giving the king less power.

The Magna Carta was orinally worte in latin by Archbishop Stephen Langton. The Magna Carta was a collection of 37 English laws some old some new. The Magna Carta was important because it gave less power to the king giving more to the barons.

eyeglasses are invented and improved in the late midival period.

Over the years different type of eyeglasses have been developed such as sports glasses, shooting glasses, and for eye sight. over the years eye glasses have also become a fashion statement and are very popular. glasses at the time glasses were very important.Eye sight was improved.For many it was a change for the better.

Jeanne d,arc is bruned as a witch at Rouen.

Jeanne was born in the eastern part of France Know as Lorraine. When Jeanne was thriteen she heard voices from saint Michael, margaret, and Saint Catherine. Jeanne d,arc was important to France because she helped in the war between France and England.

william caxton sets up printing press at west miniser.

In 1452 two hundred copies of the bible were printed. The effect of the printing press was to cut the cost of books. The printing press was very important to people because it highered the amount of books wrote.

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