Most Dangerous place in the World

Syria in a war

Some say world war three, I say its more!!!

Danger in Syria

 Everyone's talking about it. Syria, one of the nicest places turned upside down and crushed! Talks about how a fit for who voted for Bashar Al-assad VS those who didn't. This caused war to break out and took all those innocent people down with bombs, chemical weapons, and airstrikes. the government took those who didn't die and put them in severely crowded camps for refuges. Most people fled to neighboring countries and so far, 160,000 have. People are starting to wonder how long this will keep egging on and some even are wondering IF it will end!!!

!Bless the people in Syria!

Please help the Syrian children!!!!
These children need us :,-
They are the same as us we should be there for them

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3 years ago

please pray for the people in Syria

3 years ago

pray for the kids!!!!!!!!!