*Georgetown is the capital.

*National language is English

*South America

*The population is over 735,000, life expectancy is 66 years.

* Three major landforms are The Kaieteur Falls, Acarai Mountains, and  Imataca Mountains.

*Three major cities are Georgetown and Linden.

*The average yearly rainfall is 2387 mm.

*The average temperature in Guyana is 89.6° F high and 75.2° low.

*Their type of government is republic.

*Christianity and Hinduism are the major religions.

*The music of Guyana is a mix of Indian, Spanish, African, European and Amerindian.

*The most popular sport in Guyana is cricket.

*The food there is a mix between African, East Indian, Portuguese, and Chinese foods.

*A native animal is the Capuchin monkey which is shown in the picture above.

*The name of the flag is The Golden Arrow and was established as their flag in may of 1966.

*You can be fined $20 if you publicly say a swear word.


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