Okay for Now
Joe Caldararo
March 24th 2015

Reading the first few pages of the book I've noticed he says stupid again and again. Doug explains how stupid his family is also how stupid the town marrysville is and how stupid the guy that lost the Joe Pepitone signed hat is. Doug obviously hates the idea of moving to the stupid town of Marrysville. Doug is upset and vents about it all saying stupid a lot.The puffin is stupid, school is stupid, teachers are stupid. He describes everyone and everything as stupid, except his mother.  Stupid is his favorite word it seems like. Without a doubt, Doug repeats how stupid everything is again and again

Tough Questions March 25th 2015

As I read Okay for Now I have noticed Doug Swieteck has tough question. The question is why is everyday a wrong day? Doug's father has way to many wrong days. When his father has wrong days he gets hit and and yelled at by his father. His mother and brother also get yelled at all the time. Maybe it's his fathers job and the stress of moving. Wrong days were always the worst... and he had a lot of them. Surely, He did not like wrong days.

Aha Moment March 26th 2015

As I've been reading Okay for Now I have noticed Doug had a huge Aha moment. Doug's Aha moment was when he saw the Arctic tern alone and falling. The reason this is Doug's Aha moment is because he realizes that he can relate to the arctic tern they both are fallling alone and helpless. Doug symbolizes this with moving and not having friends and dealing with his brother dad and teachers. Clearly, this is Doug's Aha moment.

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