University of Florida Athletic Training
4th period English 1
Ivy Enriquez

    The University of Florida was funded in 1853 which started when it took over the Kingsbury academy. Later on it moved to Gainesville in the 1860s and later got the grant of the Florida agricultural college in Lake City. By 1905 the college became a Univesity and moved back to Gainesville. on September 26,1906 students first went to the school and in 1947 the school first open the doors to women.

    In my future I want to go to this school because of its excellent program in Athletic training. Also I prefer to go to this school because of the proximity to everything.Also the reason that i would like to come to this school is because of the weather that the university has . Another reason why i would like to go to this school is because of the acceptance rate that it has(46.5%)

"Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Graduation from a regionally accredited or state-approved secondary school or the equivalent (G.E.D., etc.).
  • Sixteen academic units, distributed as follows:
    • English (with substantial writing) - 4 years
    • Mathematics (Algebra 1, Formal Geometry, Algebra 2) - 4 years
    • Natural Sciences (two units must include laboratory) - 3 years
    • Social Sciences - 3 years
    • Foreign Language (must be sequential) - 2 years
  • A cumulative C average in the academic core, as computed by the university, at all institutions attended, including both high school and college.
  • Students taking dual enrollment courses must present a minimum 2.0 GPA at every institution attended.
  • A record of good conduct. Major or continuing difficulty with school or other officials may render an applicant ineligible regardless of academic qualifications.
  • At least the minimum score in each section of the SAT: Critical Reading= 460, Mathematics=460 and Writing= 440. Effective with the 2009 entering class, the university will begin considering the writing portion of the SAT.
  • On the ACT with Writing, a minimum score of 19 on the Reading section, 19 on the Mathematics section, and 18 on the English/Writing section.
  • All applicants must submit the SAT or the ACT with Writing test. While UF cannot mix scores from old and new tests, the university will accept the highest subscores from the SAT if you took the test multiple times. The university cannot mix or combine any ACT subscores."

Campus Life

The Arts

"UF consistently attracts world-class symphony orchestras, Broadway plays, opera and large-scale ballet performances. Among UF’s artistic venues are housed a permanent collection of more than 8,000 original works, the largest natural history museum in the Southeast, musical and theatrical centers, two television stations and four radio stations.


UF has ranked among the nation’s 10 best athletic programs in each of the last 20 years. Florida couples its strong intercollegiate sports program with more than 60 intramural and club sports ranging from archery to weightlifting. More than 90 percent take advantage of the numerous outdoor courts and playing fields on campus, and in the O’Connell Center, the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, the Southwest Rec Center and the Florida Gymnasium for indoor sports."

I have selected this career path because of the chances that you get to explore. I also chose this because I love to help people and I like to know about the human anatomy. Also,the way you get to figure out what are ways that your body can recover from injuries is really fascinating to me.

Salary & job description

Depending on how experienced you are you can earn from$26,00 all the way to $65,000 if you work in Texas ,athletic trainers who work with professional team will get paid more. Some of the benefits provided by this job is that you will get paid on sick days, they get vacation time , health coverage and retirement plan contributions. When you are an athletic trainer can be challenging because you will be traveling with the team also you will most likely work on weekends and you will need to bend, stand and reach a lot.

Primary Source

  1. Tell me about your job. Is what you do different in any way from what others in your occupation do?

    I work with professional athletes in the NHL. I am the head athletic trainer for a National Hockey League team. During the off-season, I work with younger athletes at a high-performance sports medicine clinic.

  2. Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?

    In high school, I concentrated on sciences, physical education, and math. I always enjoyed athletics and wanted to work in medicine and sports performance. I worked for a Major League Baseball team and a couple of sports medicine clinics before being hired by the NHL team.

  3. What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?

    You must be flexible. As a trainer, you are always on call and often work long, unstructured hours—you never know when a player will be injured.

    You also need to be strong and hard-working. There is a lot of lifting and carrying of players, as well as doing massage therapy, which is physically demanding.

    As part of the medical profession, you have to keep player and patient files, so you must be able to keep organized, accurate records of players’ injuries.

    This job is also about communication. You need to be able to establish good relationships with players. The relationship between athletes and trainers is a close one and is all about trust. Athletes must be able to trust trainers to help them perform at their best.

  4. How much job security is there for people in your field?

    The more experience and skill you have, the greater your job security. Sports are becoming more popular all the time, and I think trainers can always count on finding job opportunities.

  5. What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?

    Athletic trainers could move into sports equipment design, personal training for specialized groups, or field training (for example, football).

  6. What do you think the future holds for people in your occupation?

    I think the demand for trainers will increase. More people are getting into sports, and trainers are needed to educate them on the proper prevention and treatment of injuries.

    Technology will continue to influence the field. For example, injury tracking software can be used to analyze specific information on athletes’ injuries. This technology helps us discover optimal treatments for different injuries and aids injury prevention.

    In addition, therapies are constantly becoming more intensive, allowing players to get back to playing in a shorter period of time.

  7. What are the biggest challenges in your job?

    Keeping my skills and knowledge up to date with the latest medical research and technology is a constant challenge because these fields are advancing rapidly.

  8. Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?

    Volunteering is a great way to get started. You can establish contacts and get some good experience.

    There are some excellent entry-level opportunities for trainers in certain sports. You should contact sporting associations for information about opportunities in field treatments.

Letter of Intent

Ivy Enriquez

12021 Willowmist Ave

El Paso,Tx 79936


May 14, 2015

Starbucks Coffee

3400 Joe Battle Blvd

El Paso,TX 79938

Whoever it may concern,

I am looking for the job opportunity listed in your store. Please look through this letter and resume to prove that I am the most qualified for this job. I feel that my people skills and my team skills will be efficient for your store. I am looking for a job that will that will help me gain more people skills. Some of my key strengths are that I am disciplined, I am eager and willing to learn new things and I am an excellent team worker. I am positive that my work ethic will be the best quality work for the costumers.

I would appreciate the consideration of my credentials and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position and how my skills would be a good fit .

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Ivy Enriquez

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Ivy Enriquez

Career Objectives

hoping to attain a scholarship for my books or university when I finish my high school education

Education History

July 2014 - May 2015

El dorado 9th Grade Academy
El Paso, Texas

July 2004 - May 2014

Jane A. Hambric School
El Paso, Texas

Work Experience

June 2011 - July 2011

RS Express
El Paso, Texas

Awards & Certificates

» A/B honor Roll (May 2012)
» A/B honor Roll (May 2012)

Extracurricular Activities

Softball, Music

Hobbies & Interests

» Cooking
» Softball

Skills & Abilities

» French,Spanish and Engish

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