Father of Modern Rocketry

By Nina Moore

Robert Hutchings Goddard was born on the 5th of October,1882 at Worcester, Massachusetts. His parents were Fannie Louise Hoyt and Nahum Danford Goddard. Robert was their only child to live. Robert had one brother but he died before his first birthday. Robert was a thin and frail boy and he liked books. He suffered stomach problems and also fell two years behind his classmates. Robert Hutchings Goddard was an American pioneer of rocket science. He became interested in space when he read "War of The Worlds," when he was sixteen. He died on the 10th of August, 1945 and died of throat cancer.

Robert Hutchings Goddard invented two-hundred and fourteen things but his first two were the ones that gave him the name of "Father of Modern Rocketry." They were the liquid-fuel rocket and the multi-stage rocket. He invented the first liquid- fuel rocket in 1914. He successfully launched it on the 16th of March,1926. It went 97km per hour and reached 41 feet high. Robert was the first person to fire a liquid-fuel rocket faster than sound. Robert and his team launched thirty-four rockets between 1926 and 1941. Some of his rockets went as high as 2.6km and as fast as 885km per hour. He was the first person to even think space travel was possible. After his death he was given many awards and honours.

Robert Hutchings Goddard has affected the lives of us today because now we know that space travel is possible. We know so much more information about space. Now we can travel to space and know what it feels like to be weightless. If Robert Hutchings Goddard hadn't invented the rocket we would know nothing about space travel and we wouldn't of travelled to the moon.