Mom you are great from a-z
By Z. Alford

For Mother's day i'm going to make this blog about you mom and how much i love you.

You are the greatest mother in the whole world!! I know how hard you work to keep me,zyan, and zahaan. This is how i'm going to show how much i love you!

This how great you are from a-z

A- Awesome

B- Brave

C- Caring

D- Dynamic

E- Excellent

F- Funny

G- Great

H- Happy

I- Intelligent

J- Joyful

K- Keen

L- Loving

M- Mysterious

N- Nice

O- Outstanding

P- Peaceful

Q- Quaint

R- Rowdy

S- Satisfactory

T- Terrific

U- Unique

V-  Veracious

W- Wonderful

X- XO (Love)

Y- Youthful

Z- Zest

That is How Much i love you mom!! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

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