What About Me?
                  By Roni R


    Hello, my name is Roni Rountree and here are a few things about me.  I have always dreamed about going to WSU and becoming a mechanical engineer.  I also want to become an Olympic gold medalist for downhill snowboarding.  I have been snowboarding since I was eight.  I also enjoy water skiing and wake boarding.  I started water skiing when I was eleven and I started wake boarding when I was ten.  I am also playing soccer for FC Spokane, a local soccer club.  I would like to continue playing soccer when I am older on a pro or semi-pro soccer club but would rather become an engineer and make millions of dollars with a family.  I have always dreamed of becoming an Olympian or professional soccer player, but I would rather go to WSU and become a mechanical or chemical engineer.

#kettner #tech22

Always wanted to be one!

I visited Peurto Vallarta, Mexico in the third grade with my family. #mexico

I play for them!

I love snowboarding!...and cats! #snowboarding #cats

Oh look!  There's me! (the one about to kick the ball.)

Always waiting...thank you for the consideration.