Robots can do amazing thing like play ping pong with humans! Earlier this year, Kuka Robotics made a big deal about its ping-pong playing robot facing up against professional player Timo Boll but the promised match turned out to be just an advertisement the robot just wasn't as capable as had been made out. While Japanese firm Omron has been quick to point out that its new robot ping-pong-player is not capable of taking on and beating even a semi-skilled human opponent, it is capable of entering into long rallies with human players.

The ping-pong robot

Robot are so much more than that! robots can do everything humans can do, and they do it uncomplainingly, 24 hours a day. Robots are a HUGE part of car productions!


     The sidewinder is widely known for its ability to quickly undul looking for victims at a disaster site, or even exploring another planet, then it certainly better not get stuck in the sand. That may now be a little less likely to happen, as scientists recently studied one of the best sand-travelers in the animal kingdom – the sidewinder rattlesnake. After they analyzed its movement patterns and applied them to an existing snake-inspired robot, that robot was better able climb up sandy inclines.

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