Walt Disney

Ali Dearth


English 7

Hook Queston

In what ways did Walt Disney help teenagers.

Walt Disney early life

1.He was born December 5,1901

2.Walt is fro Hermosa Illinois

3.He dropped out of school at 16

Early Cartoons

1. Disney worked at the Kanas City Film to get started on animation.

2. He opened own animation business from the adcompany.

3.He had to declare bankruptcy on his business.

Walt's First Sensation

1. He had created a new character Mickey Mouse!

2.The first Mickey Mouse cartoon Plane crazy and the galloping Gaven

3. Next one was called "Steamboat Willie"


1. $17 million dollar theme park

2. Opened in 1995

3.Called a place for happiness

Walt Disney Death

1. Diagnosed with lung cancer

2. Died at 65

3. Died on Dec. 15,1966


He made many people happy by putting a smile on everybody's faces. He changed peoples life.

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