The Life of Guru Tegh Bahadur

William Poppe Per.3 10/28/13

Background information

Guru Tegh Bahadur was born in 1621 at the city of Amritsar. After his birth, Bahadur was trained in the fields of swordsmanship, horseback riding, and religion. Guru Bahadur fought along his father in the war of 1634, where that changed his mindset to peace, and the start of meditation and renunciation. When it was time for the selection of the new Guru, Bahadur was not chosen due for his immaturity when the Sikhs needed a leader of men.

Being a Guru

Through the act of meditation, Tegh was finally mentally able to become a new guru. Tegh was found the guru after the death of the previous one. Finally named the Guru, Bahadur traveled across India to all the major cities to spread the ideal of Sikhism throughout Missionaries. Guru Bahadur even created a new city named Chak Nanaki. Once traveling the land, the Guru had helped the Hindu religion through the companionship with the Hindu Leader. As he was spreading the ideal of Sikhism, Guru Bahadur caught the attention of the Tyrant emperor. The tyrant emperor brought the Guru in custody to his palace, where he tried to force the Guru to convert to Islam through torture. Here, the Guru explained the idea of Having a freedom of religion, where you cant be treated differently due to religion. This angered the Emperor and he called for the execution of the Guru. The guru had his head severed from his body publicly, and then his loyal Sikhs cremated his body.

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