Blue ridge mountains

*The Blue ridge mountains is located in the northern eastern portion of the state.

*this region is home to Georgia's largest mountains. *Dahlonega is found in blue ridge mountains.

*dahlonega the site of Americas

* the first gold rush in the united states took place here in 1828

* the important cities in this region is dahlonega

*in the past ,the primary industry of the region was mining . Today, due to the region's scenic beauty, its is toursim

It's home of spectacular mountains. The Appalachian mountains are found in the blue ridge region. The Appalachian trail has its southern origin in the blue ridge. Some of Georgia's most visited state parks are founding the blue ridge, including Amicalola falls.

Some of the economic actives in the blue is is mining gold, tourismThe first gold rush was in the blue ridge mountains in Georgia.

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