Animal Trainer

Job Description

Animal trainers train animals for many different purposes including obedience, performance, disability assistance, security, and riding. They also oversee physical exercise, medical care, and mental stimulation such as feeding, grooming, and bathing.


In most cases animal trainers need a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED). Sometimes a bachelor's degree is required. While certification isn't required, it can help demonstrate that one's qualifications are superior to those of someone without it. Not all certifications are equal though.


Animal trains earn about $19,580 - $36,810. Though it does very from place to place. Or maybe $24,000 - $37,000. Just estimates.

Special Skills

Skills include: Critical thinking, learning strategies, coordination, good communication, strong animal handling skills and ability to read animal body language, a love for working with animals and their guardians, patience, ability to adapt quickly and make decisions, and/or physical fitness.


Just about anywhere that has kennels, pounds, zoos, circuses, theme parks, farms, etc.

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